Renting-To-Own A Storage Shed Has Never BeenĀ Easier!

Do you wish you had more storage space but are unwilling to pay for a self storage unit due to the fact that it is inconvenient and typically too far from home? Did you know that it’s possible to rent a high quality portable storage building and have it placed right in your own backyard? That’s exactly what DMD Solutions rent to own program allows you to do!
You select the color, size, and style of any storage shed you like from any one of our authorized manufacturers or vendors, and they will deliver the building at the location of your choice. Your monthly cost will be comparable to the cost of renting a self storage unit, but the building will be conveniently located on your property. Better yet, you’re not just paying endlessly for the use of the building.

Don’t Throw Your Money Away on a Storage Unit!

After only 36 payments, you will own a storage shed that will provide you with years of service. Of course, you will always have the option of an early payoff simply by paying the remaining balance of the cash price whenever you choose. You may also decide to end the contract at any time, and simply return the rented building with no further obligation.

Your Online Payments are Safe, Simple, and Secure

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